Mulata Gourmet Hot Sauce is originated and developed by the migrant worker builders of the Panama Canal who brought their culinary expertise with them. A peculiar development happened in Colon City, Panama, port of entry for all the Caribbean canal workers.

Canal migrant workers developed a hot sauce that is unique in its combination of indigenous ingredients in a mix of culinary cultures. The original formula has been kept a secret in the City of Colon, named for Christopher Columbus. Ingredients and cultures mingled throughout different provinces in Panama. Many in the Republic have attempted to imitate the original sauce from Colon City and have failed.

Similarly, there are hot sauces all over the Caribbean islands with slight differences in the making depending onculture and what people had available. Many add mustard, papaya, sweet potato, or other ingredients as a base.

The original Mulata Hot Sauce formula is proudly different an guarded by the direct descendants of the first Panama Canal laborers from the Atlantic (Caribbean) area. This is the reason why the original sauce is only found in Colon City; specifically in the "Mercado" in the center of the city where is sold by a handful of people in unlabeled bottles.